SituPoint Privacy Protecting Wireless Access Point
SituPoint provides wireless video on the scene with ultimate security.

SituPoint gives responders greater control of situations by providing them with wireless access while outside of a building to real-time video of events occurring inside without any security concerns. SituPoint also allows individuals in critical exterior locations to instantly alert responders when their assistance is needed.

Increases Safety Conditions

SituPoint allows individuals using SituCon’s wireless Instant Alert buttons to immediately notify responding agencies of a situation occurring outside of a building or if they feel the need for extra safety while in exterior locations such as parking lots or courtyards.

Gives Responders the “Upper Hand” in Emergencies

With SituPoint responders on the scene can remotely control pan-tilt-zoom SituCam Privacy Protecting Cameras, allowing them to see firsthand who is in trouble, where they are located and exactly what is happening behind closed doors.

Provides Video Access without Building Access

Even during extreme situations such as when a building may be inaccessible, SituPoint provides wireless, real-time video access to cameras within the building from the outside, allowing responders to see what’s going on before going in.

Provides Critical Information On The Scene

SituPoint provides responders on the scene the same critical information that their dispatch center has such as a photograph of who pressed their SituCon Instant Alert button, their phone number and a floor plan of the area where they are located; allowing responders to get to them ASAP.

Utilizes Wi-Fi's Compatibility and Enhances its Security

With SituPoint’s unique capability to be enabled only when needed and remain “off-the-air” at all other times, the potential for any unauthorized use is eliminated. Now, responders can gain access to real-time video using their standard wireless devices without the need for any other expensive specialized equipment.

Eliminates Communication Errors

SituPoint transmits real-time video to responders on the scene allowing them to see what is happening first hand – eliminating communication errors made in the transfer of information from those on the scene through dispatchers to responders.