SituCam Privacy Protecting Cameras
With our innovative, patent pending SituCam both safety and privacy protection can now be provided.

SituCam Privacy Protecting Cameras remain in the privacy mode, with cameras disabled, until an individual activates a wireless “Instant Alert” notifying responders and opening camera eyelids.

Unprecedented Safety and Security

Today, a wide variety of threats often occur in areas that are inappropriate for surveillance such as classrooms, churches and town hall meeting rooms. However, when a high risk situation such as a violent event or natural disaster occurs, an individual’s expectation of privacy is superseded by a need for protection.

Previously, privacy concerns defined where cameras could be placed and limited the amount of protection cameras provided. As SituCam Privacy Protecting cameras are only activated when an individual needs help, privacy concerns are eliminated and the greatest safety can be provided.

Prevents Unauthorized Monitoring

SituCam Privacy Protecting Cameras are physically disabled when they're not in use – eyelids closed. This provides a clear, visible indication to individuals when video monitoring is taking place. As any camera use is seen and cannot go unnoticed, unauthorized monitoring is prevented.

Designed To Go Where Video Surveillance Can’t

SituCam Privacy Protecting Cameras are designed for places traditional video surveillance systems can’t go. They are the ideal solution for municipal buildings, schools, libraries, senior centers, religious institutions, or anywhere privacy is a concern.

Protects Unprotected Valuable Assets

SituCam Privacy Protecting Cameras can also be automatically activated after-hours, when the premises are vacant. With this, protection can now be provided for valuable assets in currently unprotected privacy sensitive areas, thereby reducing costly losses due to theft and vandalism.