SituCon Manager

SituCon Manager Software Application
SituCon Manager provides individuals greater safety without sacrificing privacy.

SituCon Manager allows cameras to provide the safety required during threatening situations and privacy at all other times. Using SituCon Manager responders instantly see who’s in trouble, where they’re located, what’s going on and how to get to them ASAP.

Enhances Safety

SituCon Manager allows individuals to directly connect with responders with wireless SituCon Instant Alert Buttons. Upon pressing one of these, information including the individual’s name, location, photograph, telephone number and a floor plan of the area is immediately displayed at dispatch centers.

Addresses Privacy Concerns

With SituCon Manager, cameras remain disabled until an individual activates the system using a wireless SituCon Instant Alert button. With privacy and civil liberty concerns related to always-on surveillance, this provides the ideal solution – turning cameras on when additional safety is required, and keeping cameras off at all other times.

Built-in Privacy Safeguards

To further protect privacy, SituCon Manager automatically informs privacy advocates and/or regulatory parties of any camera usage, tampering or system configuration changes.

A Privacy Option for Current Surveillance Systems

Existing video surveillance systems can be easily enhanced using SituCon Manager as a “software only” solution to address many of today’s privacy concerns.

Provides Protection During High Risk Periods

SituCon Manager can be used to automatically activate cameras during high risk periods like at nights to prevent unwanted activities such as theft and vandalism. Now both can be provided - privacy for individuals during the day and protection during high risk periods.

Fully Customizable

The system can be fully configured to meet the needs of all users – from who is given SituCon Instant Alert buttons, to who is notified and how they receive alerts such as by text messages or email.