Instant Alert

Instant Alert Wireless Transmitters
SituCon Instant Alert buttons directly connect individuals and responders.

With the single push of an INSTANT ALERT button, individuals can directly connect with responders when they feel the need for extra safety. Using SITUCON’S EMERGENCY AWARENESS SYSTEM, Responders immediately see who pressed the button and what is going on.

Improves Safety Conditions

SituCon Instant Alert buttons allow individuals to immediately notify responding agencies in the event of an emergency situation or when they simply feel the need for extra safety.

More Than Just a “Panic Button”

Instant Alert buttons being part of SituCon’s Emergency Awareness System and not standalone devices provide incomparable safety benefits. Responders immediately see critical information such as who’s in trouble, where they’re located and the status of the situation – more than just finding out a “panic button” was pressed.

Easy-To-Use, Easy-To-Train

Although SituCon Instant Alert buttons are part of a sophisticated system, they are as easy to use as your garage door openers or car’s keyless entry system. Simply push a button and help is on the way.

Works Anywhere, Saves Time

In the event of an emergency there is no need to search for a phone to summon assistance. And as we know, cellular phones don’t work everywhere, especially inside of buildings where incidents are unfortunately most likely to take place. SituCon Instant Alert buttons work anywhere and save time wasted on the phone.

You’re Not Alone

With Instant Alert buttons individuals know that should they need help, it is just the push of a button away. Personnel working after hours or by themselves when buildings are empty appreciate having an Instant Alert button and the comfort of feeling they are not alone.