Benefits to Public Safety Agencies

SituConís Privacy Protecting Technology provides the next generation in emergency response solutions - a dynamic tool that helps responding agencies manage emergencies. Responders instantly see who is in trouble, where they are located and what is going on Ė before going in.

SituCon instantly provides responders with ongoing real-time video of the situation, the identity of who pressed the button, their photo and critical information such as the personís cell phone number as well as a floor plan of the area showing how to get to them ASAP.

With this information immediately available, responders no longer need to blindly venture into a potentially dangerous situation as they have a greater grasp of the event before they arrive on scene. And as SituCam Privacy Protecting Cameras can be placed anywhere, SituCon provides responders the ultimate in Situational Awareness.

SituCon also helps eliminates communication errors made in transfer of information since responders are automatically provided information and can see what is happening first-hand in real time.

Better tools like Privacy Protecting Technology means enhanced public safety and security and more efficient law enforcement.