About SituCon

Our Technology

SituConís Privacy Protecting Cameras remain in the privacy mode, with cameras disabled, until an individual using a wireless Instant Alert activates the system, immediately notifying responders and opening camera eyelids. Responders immediately see who is asking for help, where they are located and what is happening.

SituCon simultaneously delivers uncompromised safety, security and privacy that is uniquely available only with our solution. Our Privacy Protecting Technology is the ideal and only solution for schools, libraries, government buildings, recreation centers, senior centers - any place people gather where privacy is an issue. As individuals control when the cameras are activated privacy concerns are no longer an issue.

Every second counts. Because our system can be activated from anywhere and directly connects individuals with responders, critical life saving time is preserved.

As an additional privacy safeguard, Privacy Protecting Technology simultaneously informs privacy advocates and regulatory parties of any camera usage, tampering or system configuration changes. The most civil liberties aware communities currently use SituConís Privacy Protecting Technology.

After One Year of Use - What Marshfield, MA Says